About Us

A deliberately small, but effective, team. We pride ourselves on being a close nit team with a powerful output.

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Manotex Media was founded in 2016 with the core aim of repositioning brands and companies to a greater height by making them stand out and unforgettable. The traditional methods in branding and marketing is reaching its time and thus Manotex Media’s team approach is based on beyond thinking strategies and innovative concepts.


Our focus from inception was to provide a full marketing solution for our clients so as to ensure a uniform media presentation. Headquartered in Pretoria, South Africa, Manotex Media services the South African region.

As a Digital Marketing Firm we stretched our selves to ensure we give our clients amazing service in area's such as SEO, Website Design, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

"we play to win
& we know how to do it".

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